Low fat peach melba

Peach melba dessert

Fruity and low fat

Serves 6


250g low fat cream cheese

200g low fat Greek yoghurt

2 tbsp sugar

3 peaches

6 digestive biscuits crushed into crumbs

For the raspberry coulis

300g raspberries

4 tbsp sugar

Squeeze of lemon juice to taste


1. Mix the cream cheese, yoghurt and sugar together until smooth.

2. Pour the raspberries into a blender and blend until smooth.

3. Pass the raspberries through a sieve to get rid of the pips. Add the lemon juice and sugar to taste.

4. Peel and destone the peaches, then slice into quarters.

5. Assemble everything in a bowl, sprinkle over some crushed biscuits and serve.

Feeling flush?

Make sure you use fresh fruit instead of tinned and frozen.


1 thought on “Low fat peach melba”

  1. I love this. Perfect comfort food and very thrifty! thanks for entering the one ingredient linky!

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