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If other bloggers are anything like me, they will be celebrating their blogs’ birthdays in early January (new years resolutions to be more proactive and such). I set Credit Munched up a year ago as an outlet for my enthusiasm for food on a shoestring budget and I’m enjoying writing about everything I eat, drink and salivate over as much as I did 365 days ago.

I’ve had a look back over my stats and sought out my two top recipes – one sweet and one savoury. And I was pleased to see that they are two of my absolute favourites.

2012-04-22 15.18.03

First off, bacon jam. This became part of my repertoire after I saw a press release for Eat 17’s version, but couldn’t face spending £4 on a tiny jar. Instead, with the help of a Martha Stewart recipe, it cost me a fraction of the cost to create double quantity. Since then, I’ve eaten it with everything from burgers and hotdogs to scotch eggs and cheese. It’s the the healthiest of food, but it tastes amazing and I can’t recommend it enough.

2012-09-22 17.51.32

And for dessert? My chocolate chip bread and butter pudding. I’m really happy this is a popular post on Credit Munched as I’ve been making this recipe exactly this way for years and years. It is such a cheap dessert to make and helps use up that slightly stale half loaf of bread you can’t bear to throw out.

So after my fond reminiscence at my first year as a blogger, I’m looking forward to the good times ahead and I hope to have lots more budget recipes and money saving ideas for 2013.