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Even though I no longer sleep until noon as I did when I was a student, I still find a lazy morning to be one of the most satisfying experiences out there. Normally, my breakfast consists of a bowl of Rice Krispies and a cup of green tea when I get to work. Although this sounds incredibly healthy, it’s more a sign of my lack of imagination at that time in the morning.

However, breakfast – or should I say brunch – at the weekend is a wholly different scenario. On a busy Saturday I might have a bowl of porridge with golden syrup, or even some granola, fruit and yoghurt as a quick fix. Or it might be a more social affair in Brixton Village for a crepe at the Brick Box, or a hangover fry up at our local Wetherspoon (what? It’s cheap?!). But my absolute favourite thing to do is to put on Saturday Kitchen and whip up something a little special myself. Recently, I discovered the joys of Croque Madame cupcakes courtesy of Rachel Khoo, and even more recently, Buck Rarebit.

2012-10-01 19.38.46

I came across the idea during British Egg Week, and have been making this for breakfast, lunch and tea ever since. I thought I would enter it into Fuss Free Flavour and Banger and Mash’s Breakfast Club for this month, which is Brunch. Not only is it a simple recipe to make, it hits all the savoury notes required of a proper British breakfast.

So here it is, Buck Rarebit. Serve with a glass of orange juice for a truly tasty brunch.