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Life is tough to balance. It seems out of my three core activities outside of work – exercising, writing and socialising – I am only capable of successfully participating in two of them at any one time. So while September saw me posting regularly and seeing my friends, the blog took quite a hit in October thanks to excessive birthday celebrations and several games of badminton.

Basically, that’s my excuse for not taking part in AlphaBakes last month.

I’m back again this month though with the letter J. I think some people have been struggling a little from the sounds of it, but not me. Oh no. As soon as I saw the letter J, I knew what I’d be making because I’ve wanted to make choux pastry for a while (admittedly in more of a profiterole form) and the thought of adding jalapenos and cheese made me drool.

I followed this recipe from Simply Recipes, halving the ingredients along the way to save myself from an inevitable pastry overload. Also, I was quite proud of myself because I used a combination of green jalapenos and cherry peppers, give them a little festive cheer (shoehorning a theme here), as well as some paprika and cayenne pepper.

The result? Pretty good. In the future I would make them a lot, lot smaller, but that was no fault of the recipe; I just wanted to fit everything onto one baking tray as I’m lazy. We munched on them with some sour cream and salsa for tea and I took some in for lunch alongside some salad and black beans.

Next step, sweet choux pastry smothered in chocolate.