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Since moving in with the flatmate a few months ago there have been a few disagreements as to how to run our home – none of which (I’m convinced) could possibly have been foreseen. Strangely, most of these disparities seem to have  come to head over planning for Christmas. Ordinarily I wouldn’t even be contemplating Christmas at this point of the year, what with Bonfire Night still exploding over our heads. You see, a rather overenthusiastic celebration during my first year of university saw us cooking a roast and drinking ourselves under the table for the full month leading up to December 25th, leaving me feeling saturated by festive cheer when the big day finally came. I vowed never to let this happen again, which means I am acutely aware of throwing myself into mulled wine and carols too soon.

However, the flatmate is the opposite. A CD of 101 of the greatest Christmas hits was purchased in early October and the 6ft tree and red and white decorations (the colour of our living room and, conveniently, Middlesbrough FC) have been bookmarked and now, the Christmas cake is being made using a family recipe.

Now, we never had Christmas cake when I was growing up. My mum’s taste buds heavily influenced what we ate and as she didn’t like raisins or sultanas, neither did we. So making a cake filled with dried fruit this far in advance obviously leaves me with a slight sense of unease. Nevertheless, it is important to try new things, so here we are sitting through the cake’s FOUR HOUR cooking time with the smell of Christmas (read, oranges and sherry) wafting through our flat.

Would it be terribly bad of me to indulge in a glass of Baileys right now?

Christmas Cake – make well in advance to help the boozy flavours mature and enjoy!