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Halloween and Bonfire Night have a special place in my heart. I have very fond memories of the clocks turning back, trick or treating, fireworks and that slightly damp country smell I associate with growing up in Yorkshire. Not only that, but my birthday is next week as well, so this eight week run up to Christmas is pretty much the most exciting time ever for me.

Of course, I like to go a little overboard for Halloween. Especially now I’m in London – I’m desperately trying to recreate the atmosphere I remember from childhood, even though, sadly, it’s not the same here at all. I’ve been scouring the internet for a couple of weeks now for some inspiration for tasty treats for a Halloween party I’m attending and I have found some absolute blinders. Now, this is going to be more of a roundup of what I’m going to make, as I scheduled Thursday in for bake day. But I also wanted to give you, the public, a chance to buy in the ingredients and create them before the weekend as well.

Rice Krispie pumpkins

I discovered these pumpkin Rice Krispie treats on Home Stories A 2 Z. I think these are PERFECT for a Halloween party – they’re easy to make and they look really effective. Plus, I am a sucker for anything Rice Krispie based, as you could probably from my Easter post. However, this is an American recipe so I’m probably going to replace the tootsie rolls with something like mini Rolos (if they still make them. I hope so)

Ghost meringues

This idea is not exactly unique for Halloween and a quick Google search reveals variants on the idea across the web. But they look amazing and, with only a few ingredients, they don’t cost the earth. They’re also good for making miniature or supersize, depending on your requirements.

Puking guacamole pumpkin

What I love about this is that it’s just a vehicle for serving some tasty guacamole, but it looks truly disgusting. It’s an amazing idea, which again, you can find all across the internet, so as long as you have your perfect guacamole recipe to hand, you’re singing. Personally, I usually go for hass avocados with cream cheese and garlic, but I appreciate the colour the tomatoes give the version in this photo.

Used plasters

These are amazing. However, I will turn these into a savory snack by replacing the sweet biscuits with crackers and the frosting with some cream cheese and chutney to stop myself overdosing on sugary treats.

So concludes my Halloween recipe round up. I hope it’s given you some inspiration. I will try to remember to take photos of my creations and get them up here. I can’t promise anything though – once I’ve got my costume on and a glass of wine in me, I might just get caught up in the apple bobbing and other party games we have planned!