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It’s the last day of British Egg Week and I have well and truly gorged myself. Celebrating their versatility, I’ve had everything from tofu omelettes to meatballs and tried out new recipes as well as revisited some old.

Tonight, however, it’s finally time for dessert and I actually have two to share that demonstrate just how flexible eggs can be. Sure they can be used as a whole in cakes or pies, but they can also be split to create some of my favourite sweets. And conveniently, both are incredibly cheap to make.

Firstly, I’m using the egg yolks in crème caramel. I absolutely love crème caramel – it’s basically custard for grown ups. And the other week Felicity Cloake did a perfect recipe, which I knew I had to try out. Credit’s due where credit’s due, Felicity’s is an amazing take on this dessert. The only amendment I made was using vanilla extract rather than a vanilla pod, and I imagine sticking strictly to her recipe would result in something even more delicious (but I will have to save that for when I’m feeling a little more flush).

Now what to do with several egg whites? I toyed with the idea of making meringues, but then I couldn’t resist the idea of making some white chocolate mousse. Now, every Christmas I use this recipe as our dessert because no matter how many pigs in blankets or roast potatoes we eat, there’s always room for some white chocolate mousse. I usually serve it with some raspberry coulis, which cuts through the sweetness of the mousse nicely.

And so we reach the end of British Egg Week. I feel I have conclusively proven that eggs can be enjoyed in a variety of forms and at any point in the day. Not that I needed to prove it. There’s a reason British Egg Week exists, and I was just happy to eat a full pack of fifteen in seven days. Yum.