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Another post to add to my British Egg Week collection, where I celebrate all things egg related. In my opinion, there are few categories of food that don’t benefit from the addition of egg. However, there are some types of food that couldn’t possibly work without eggs. Quiches and frittatas (obviously), cakes, custards and meringues – all tasty in their own right and impossible to make without eggs.

So on tonight’s menu, I present to you Spanish tapas, where the egg becomes the background ingredient rather than the main star. We laid on a full spread last night and rather unbelievably, managed to eat every scrap followed by dessert. There was a lot of food and I’m not proud.

I’ve only popped a couple of the dishes we had in this post, but the meal as a whole included chicken, red onion and pepper skewers, crispy potato chunks, ciabatta balls, chorizo in a honey glaze and (this is where the egg came into play) meatballs in tomato sauce.

I’m sure most people have been in the situation where you’ve decided to make meatballs for tea and either in a moment of madness or you realise you have run out of eggs, and you omit them from you recipe. In which case, like me, you’ve ended up with dry meatballs that fall apart in the pan or oven. Who knew egg was such an important part of the meatball process?!

So here are a couple of my tapas ideas for you. Enjoy!

Meatballs in tomato sauce

Chorizo in a honey glaze