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British Egg Week is in full swing, perhaps for more for some than others. But still, it’s a time to recognise the benefits of the humble egg. Less than 70 calories and packing a protein punch, it’s a brilliant way to add an oomph to your meal without piling on the pounds.

Tonight, I’m highlighting the Scotch Egg. Once a humble picnic item bought from any local supermarket, it’s now received the full London gourmet treatment, along with the hot dog and fried chicken. As a result, it’s a sought-after item, even warranting the Mighty Scotch Egg Challenge at the Ship in Wandsworth.

So a few months ago, I showed you all my recipe for Scotch Eggs, and I’m once again sharing it. So much better than the supermarket versions, follow my recipe for the ultimate snack, or an excellent accompaniment to a proper English spread! Serve it with this bacon jam, and you’ll be thanked again and again.

Scotch Eggs