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And onto the second post of British Egg Week, where I celebrate everything egg related. Today, I’m going to take you through a healthy tofu omelette salad inspired by Gok Wan’s recipe, Ma-Po tofu with Chinese omelette. Perfect for lunch, it packs in the protein to leave you fuller for longer. I’ve eaten this a fair few times already since buying Gok Cooks Chinese, which is why I have adapted my own version.

But first, a little note about the nutrition of eggs courtesy of the official British Egg Week website.

Eggs are a natural source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals and there are less than 70 calories in a medium egg.  There is evidence that consuming a diet that is high in protein may help you feel fuller for longer and therefore help you stick to your slimming diet because you feel less hungry. And there are more reasons to shell out for eggs this British Egg Week after previous limits on consumption due to their cholesterol content were removed by organisations, including the British Heart Foundation.

So in the spirit of this superfood, here is my recipe for a tofu omelette adapted from Gok Cooks Chinese.

Tofu omelette 

Tomorrow, a tasty little snack that has become something of a must have on any gastro pub’s menu.