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I don’t usually post at the weekend, but I wrote this the other day and then completely forgot to post it on Thursday as I intended. So here we are on this rainy Sunday afternoon, celebrating what is left of National Cupcake Week.

Cupcakes are so in right now and they’re taking over the world. Barely a week goes by these days when someone hasn’t brought some into work, shop bought or homemade. To convey just how in they are, I made up a batch, downloaded Instagram, took photos of them and added a filter. So 2012.

Anyway, what I like about cupcakes is their flexibility. You can take a basic mixture and add to it whatever you want to make. So because the AlphaBakes challenge hosted by Caroline Makes for September is the letter P, I decided to make some Peanut Butter Surprises – simple cupcakes with a dollop of peanut butter hidden in the centre. I rolled balls of peanut butter and placed in the freezer for 20 minutes to firm up. Then, once the mixture was made and put in the cases, I placed a peanut butter ball into each cupcake. While the cupcakes cook, the mixtures rises over the peanut butter ball, hiding it completely. Then, top with some vanilla buttercream and some white chocolate flakes and enjoy!

I also topped some plain vanilla cupcakes with strawberry buttercream, which were worryingly similar to the taste of Angel Delight. Maybe not my personal best, but the flatmate gobbled them down either from genuine love of the taste, or out of politeness. I’m still not entirely sure.

And the recipe? I like this BBC recipe and it’s simple and takes only a few minutes to put together.