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Wow, long recipe title and all for something so simple.

I can’t help thinking we’re nearing the end of the nice weather. Even though I spent yesterday afternoon in Richmond Park watching the deer and eating an ice cream, you could see the leaves starting to turn and when the sun went behind the clouds, a jumper was definitely necessary.

I’m already starting to crave filling soups and slow cooked meat, which are going to make up some of my upcoming posts. So I guess this recipe is a fond farewell to summer as we start the countdown to October and beyond. Taking only the length of time to prepare and cook as it does to boil the pasta, this dish is perfect as a quick lunch fix or as a more substantial evening meal when you just don’t have the energy. Also, to take you into the spirit of winter, it can easily be bulked out with some cream and cheese. But honestly, I prefer it the healthy way (for once!).

Not much else to say, but enjoy!

Lemon and olive oil pasta with tomato mozzarella salad