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For those who follow my blog, you’ll know that a couple of weeks ago I tried out cheesecake cupcakes for the first time for AlphaBakes. A storming success in miniature form and with toffee, the second time I came to make them I, of course, envisaged a much bigger and bolder concept.

I had some relatives staying the other weekends and as such, I needed to stick to a very low fat menu. I decided to impress my guests with the concept of a large low fat peach melba cheesecake, imagining the gasps of astonishment as I revealed with a flourish my final course followed by a barrage of questions as to how it was both delicious and healthy.

Unfortunately for me, I spent a little too long in Tesco Extra walking up and down every aisle (it’s a hobby of mine) and by the time I got home, I realised that it was going to be impossible to make everything I planned. So instead, I decided to make the peach melba cheesecake into what I like to think of as a ‘deconstructed peach melba cheesecake’. Or for normal people, peaches with a yoghurt and cream cheese sauce, raspberry coulis and biscuit crumbs. Or for simplicity’s sake, peach melba dessert.

Granted, no one ever knew the scale and grandeur of my low fat peach melba cheesecake, but I think everyone was pretty pleased with their peach melba dessert. Bowls were licked clean at least. And seeing as though peaches and raspberries are both firmly in season at the moment, I thought I would enter it into this month’s Ren’s Simple and in Season blog hop as well as the One Ingredient blog hope by Nazima and Laura, which coincidentally is peaches!

Low fat peach melba dessert 

As with everything I do here, it is worth noting for those who are a little strapped for cash, it can be made using tinned peaches and frozen raspberries for the coulis. Although it does taste much better with fresh ingredients (as most things do) using tinned and frozen products means you can gobble down this little number for less than 60p a serving.