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Well, since I discovered Smitten Kitchen and Deb’s pickled carrot recipe I have been pickling every damn piece of veg that has crossed the threshold of my home. It’s such a simple process and has jazzed up every salad I’ve been eating since the sticky summer weather set in a few weeks ago.

White cabbage, carrots, ginger – this is currently my favourite combination and works perfectly with the cider vinegar recommended in Smitten Kitchen’s pickling post. I can’t stress what a cheap little side dish it is. You can pick up a bag of carrots for 50p, a white cabbage for 50p, ginger for 20p and all the liquids for less than £1.50, which will make you about….. well….. you’d better have a big fridge. It’s also incredibly versatile – the type of vinegar can be swapped to create an even cheaper version, or add some sesame seeds for more of an Asian slant.

Pickled salad

So now what to serve with such a tasty side?

Originally taken from my Yo!Sushi cookbook, teriyaki sauce is brilliant for quickly rustling up as a sauce to transform chicken or salmon. Teriyaki literally means ‘to glaze’, which is why the meal takes on such a delicious colour once cooked as you coat the meat with it as it grills. It takes about fifteen minutes to make and once you have the soy sauce and mirin in, it costs a pittance. This has definitely been my fall back meal over the last few months with the added bonus of feeling really rather decadent opening my lunchbox to reveal a chunk of salmon for lunch.

Teriyaki salmon

Enjoy them both together, or make like me and grab a fork to eat the pickled salad straight from the jar.