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I had this genius brainwave of an idea the other morning for the AlphaBakes challenge hosted by Ros this month. Cheesecake cupcakes. In my head they sounded completely delicious but not so easy to make. Turns out though, many, many clever people before me have already come up with this idea, tried it out and perfected the art long before Credit Munched was even up and running. So all I had to do was take one of these recipes and adapt it to my needs. And my needs began with a ‘T’.

As one of my new favourite blogs to read and cook from at the moment is Skinny Taste it seemed appropriate to use Gina Homolka’s Red, White and Blueberry Cheesecake Yogurt Cupcakes as a base to work from. Of course, as my ‘T’ ingredient is toffee there were a few essential amendments to the make to the calorie count. Although, admittedly, I have no excuse for the decadent addition of the buttercream. That was pure inspiration on my part.

I should also point out as well, that the reason they’re mini cupcakes is because I saw a mini cupcake tray in Wilkinsons at the weekend and I wanted it. I may well be making everything in miniature form until I feel I’ve got good value from it.

So enjoy my toffee cheesecake cupcakes, my AlphaBakes entry for August.