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When you’re cooking for one, embarking on a whole aubergine can seem like daunting process. Not only is it a fairly sizeable piece of veg, but once cut open, it really doesn’t last very long at all. So many times I’ve made a pasta dish (like a mini version of this lasagne) only to gaze at the leftover half rapidly shrivelling with each passing day.

For anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, tempura batter is the key. It takes just minutes to whip up and transforms the humble eggplant into something else entirely. Also, this works out as an incredibly cheap dish to make alongside some shredded carrots and cabbage and a bit of dipping sauce.

I follow this recipe for the tempura batter mix. However, the ratios seem to be out as I always end up with a paste consistency. So I always add much more sparkling water to make a thinner, lighter batter, which works really well.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to tempura aubergine. Try it with broccoli, courgette or even butterfly prawns. Yum.

And here’s an idea for a shredded Japanese salad to go with it.