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Oh hi there. It’s been quite some time since my last post. I went on holiday and then disappeared from cyberspace. I have my reasons though. Less than two weeks after I got back from Greece I then moved house and those days passed in a whirl of organising and packing. Not that the organising paid off. I made the rudimentary error of waiting until my things were in the house before setting up internet, which led to the longest wait in the history of the world for an engineer to come around. Because of the Olympics. Of course. Anyway, these combined circumstances have caused me to all but abandon Credit Munched for the last six weeks, with much regret.

But I’m back and in honour of my latest flatmate, I am celebrating with a little recipe from the North East.

The Parmo, or Parmesan to give it its full name, is a popular dish from Middlesbrough. Sold in just about every takeaway in the area, it consists of breaded chicken or pork covered in béchamel sauce and melted cheese. Sounds horrific? Well in many of these eating establishments, it is. I could barely stomach the thing when I first tried it, which admittedly may have been mainly down to the potent garlic mayonnaise also served on top. However, after a persistent campaign by my new roomie I caved and attempted a homemade version.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does it hit all the major food groups (protein, dairy, wheat and – if you serve it with a side of ketchup – some fruit and veg) but it actually tastes good too. Plus, it makes a bit of a change from the ever faithful Kiev if you use pork instead.

I’ve been told that popular variations include the ‘Hot Shot Parmo’ (jalapenos and pepperoni between the béchamel and cheese) and the ‘Bolognese’ (you can probably guess what this entails). Apparently the key is to think of the breaded chicken or pork as a pizza base, and the world is your oyster.

Don’t worry, I feel a little sick too.

Homemade Chicken Parmo