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I’m going on holiday tomorrow to a Greek little island called Santorini. It’s famous for its white buildings with blue rooftops and its volcanic crater, which is rumoured to be the location of Atlantis. Most importantly, however, it’s 30 degrees and sunny there at the moment.

So as a celebration of my impending trip, here is a recipe for stuffed vegetables. Taken from a Jamie Oliver recipe, it’s the perfect accompaniment to grilled meat and fish or as part of a mezze. Greek food always sums up for me the feeling of summer – sitting outside with a glass of wine in the sunshine. Well, we may not have experienced the full force of summer yet here in Britain, but we can always dream.

Greek stuffed vegetables

I have no doubt I will return for my holiday in ten days brimming with some new recipes, so don’t be surprised if there you see a few more Greek inspired ideas from me in the next few weeks.

Back next week