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This is a bit of a false post really because I actually think burgers, on the whole, are fairly inexpensive things to cook when you do everything from scratch. But with the summer (sort of) upon us and the smell of barbeques cutting through the pouring rain, I thought it would be good to share some of my staple recipes in a cheap, cheerful and flush format.


I’ve noticed that many of my cheap meals are meat free. To me, this is just a happy coincidence. I eat meat free meals a few times a week, not necessarily because they’re inexpensive, but because you can’t beat a plate of veg. But of all the different vegetables you can get, beans have to be some of my favourite things, which is why I love making bean burgers. It’s usually a case that I use whatever I have in the cupboard, but if I’m going out to the supermarkets specifically, I tend to go for kidney and haricot beans.

This my fall back recipe as it’s easy to chop and change the ingredients.

Bean burgers 


There’s only two occasions in the year I eat turkey – Christmas and in burger form. I don’t know why because it’s an incredibly lean meat and mixed with a few simple spices and some mango chutney, it tastes absolutely delicious. For a bit of a change from your usual burger, it’s also worth toasting some pittas and eating it that way.

Turkey burgers


Like I said, even for a flush recipe, this is as cheap and cheerful as they come. I use some of M&S Terribly Clever burger paste for these, which adds a little to the cost but a lot to the flavour. They come in a range of varieties for different meats, but my favourite is the Starter Burger Paste for beef – it has a sweet little kick to it. I also like adding some homemade tomato and chilli relish to them as well, or some bacon jam and cheese.

Beef burgers


Part of the pleasure of eating burgers come from the toppings. I have a couple of foolproof options – vegetarian and meat – for adding an extra something to your meal. Add these on along with cheese, jalapenos, or whatever you have to hand.

Bacon jam

Tomato and chilli relish