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We had a work night out a few weeks ago to Bloomsbury Lanes and because it was all paid for by the powers above, we decided to go all Big Lebowski and spend the evening drinking White Russians. We paid heavily for our decision the next day and spent the longest Friday known to man desperately trying to make it through the day avoiding anything dairy or coffee based.

For anyone that doesn’t know, which included my boss, a White Russian is a glorious mix of milk, coffee liqueur and vodka served over ice. I would strongly recommend not spending an entire night drinking them, but if you really feel the need for this particular mix of alcohol, I beg you to stick to a Black Russian instead (uses coke, not milk as a mixer). It turns out that lining your stomach with milk is not an acceptable substitution for a meal.

As a cheeky nod to our (not so) memorable night, I’ve been eager to make some White Russian brownies since then, so when Ros at the More than Occasional Baker announced the letter for this month’s AlphaBakes is V, I realised that moment was upon me. This particular bake combines the elements of the cocktail (namely the vodka) into a gooey and rich marbled brownie mix. I’ve substituted the coffee liqueur in the original recipe for 180ml of instant coffee in true Credit Munched style, and also added some white chocolate chip chunks because, quite frankly, brownies are not brownies without chocolate chip chunks.

White Russian brownies

So raise your, errr, plate to the Dude and enjoy!