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A while back I did a couple of posts about independent and chain restaurants in London. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to venture out a few more times, so I thought I would do another round up of some of my favourite cheap eats for £15 and under.



So you will have heard me raving about Wahaca a month or so ago back when I started growing my chilli babies (they’re doing fine by the way. No chillies as of yet, but they’re looking good so far). I adore Mexican food and the idea of having a tapas-style experience also led me to construct my own versions as well.

What I ate last time

The menu recommends choosing 2-3 dishes per person or you can opt for the Wahaca Selection for £19.95. We were being adventurous, so between two of us we had nachos, pork pibil and grilled steak tacos, black bean tostadas, chicken taquitos and finally a chorizo and potato quesadilla. To drink, a Citrus Fizz and a Horchata.

Total cost

£26.90 without a tip for a serious amount of food. And it would have been cheaper had we opted for the Wahaca Selection. And I managed to swipe a few packets of chilli seeds.


A total bargain. The food tastes delicious and fresh and the street food style of serving means you can have lots of little things to try. There is also the possibility of having one larger dish, all of which come in at under £10. I like the fact that their homemade drinks are significantly cheaper than the coke option as well. And to round it off, there is a great atmosphere in the restaurants while the staff are incredibly chirpy too.

Wallace & Co


I love Masterchef, so I was excited about trying out Gregg Wallace’s bistro restaurant in Putney. They’ve gone for an earthy vibe, with kitsch décor and a seasonal menu making a relaxed place to eat. As is the credit munched way, we went for the set menu. It offers three options for both the starter and main course, which is fine for me (I eat anything), but maybe a little bit restrictive for my more fussy sidekick.

What I ate last time

To start, I had sardines and bruschetta followed by plaice (or sole, can’t quite remember!) with a herb crust and some sort of sauce. On the other side of the table a much more meaty offering – pork terrine with toast and then steak. And even though it was a Monday evening, we had a large glass of red and a beer.

Total cost

The set menu was £12.50 each with soft drinks not too unreasonably priced. Obviously our lavish Monday evening tipped us over the £15 per person mark, so the final bill came to £37.62 with service charge.


The food was a good standard overall, particularly the starters. The portions were a good size, so for £12.50 you will find yourself thoroughly stuffed. Everything was very relaxed, probably down to the fact that the restaurant doubles up as a café and deli during the daytime. It was a little on the quiet side even though it was 8pm when we sat down, but this could have been because it was a Monday evening. Perhaps it livens up on the weekends?!



Bodean’s has establishments all over the capital, but I want to focus on the Fulham branch. Monday – Thursday every week, you’re able to pick up a baby back ribs, chips, coleslaw and a ticket to the Vue cinema for £15. There’s two way to look at this deal to see the amazing cost benefits. One, baby back ribs with chips and coleslaw usually comes to £13.95 in Bodean’s. Two, a cinema ticket Monday – Thursday in Vue Fulham is £11.05. Plus you don’t have to use the ticket that day. Incredible.

What I ate last time

Well obviously, baby back ribs, chips, coleslaw, all the sauces and a diet coke. Then we staggered across the road and watched The Raid.

Total cost

£16.95, so a little more expensive than the £15 budget. But this is for a full evening’s entertainment. Or, as I said, the cinema ticket can even be used another time.


I love it here. There’s a lot of food, but it always tastes good. The meat falls off the bone on the ribs, which is always important. I’ve also had a couple of other items from the menu, such as a pulled pork sandwich, but the ribs and cinema ticket deal is where it’s at. Also, Bodean’s offer a game day option at Fulham, Clapham and Tower Hill consisting of chicken wings, ribs, chips, a coleslaw and a beer all for £15 as well.

As always, I’ll keep my eye out for some tasty deals across London and do another round up once I have found some more excellent options.