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So I will start off this post by stating how much I like Ros from the More Than Occasional Baker’s blog. I love the monthly AlphaBakes challenge, which allows me to stretch my wings trying to fit the theme. But I also love her own creations, such as Cookie Monster cupcakes, Hummingbird cupcakes and Peanut butter cupcakes, to name but a few. Look how amazing those Cookie Monsters look!!

Last month saw a rather exciting list of entries for the AlphaBakes competition. I think everyone agreed that the letter ‘H’ was a tough one. I entered some homemade Hobs Nobs in a moment of inspiration, but Ros went a step further, coming up with the brilliant idea of hamburger cupcakes. They look really realistic, and I love the concept of lookalike food

But they got me thinking about the Blogging Baking Jubilee Competition run by Homemade by Fleur and sponsored by Appliances Online. Keen to enter it for the £100 Amazon voucher (finally a slow cooker and mandolin will be mine!!), I wanted to stay away from using traditional red, white and blue colours to symbolise the Union Jack. And thanks to Ros I hit upon this idea.

Shamelessly borrowing inspiration from the hamburger cupcakes, I decided to make a selection of cakes in the image of finger sandwiches. After a quick brainstorm, I thought salmon and cream cheese, egg and watercress and cheese and tomato were the most quintessential fillings that would be best interpreted into a sweet alternative.

I went for a very simple cake base in order to let the fillings do the talking. It’s not a particularly inspiring recipe, but it comes in handy for a quick cake mix. I also used it the other weekend to make a multiple layer cake into the colours of a German flag (no photos I’m afraid), so it’s pretty adaptable as well. I used a deep baking tray in order to get a flat tray bake for the sandwiches, but normally I would use a circular of loaf tin.

Victoria sponge batter

I then hit upon this purchase in Sainsbury’s. It seemed cheaper/simpler than trying to get the correct consistency for icing sugar and the colour using food dye. And it was on offer at £1.20. Bargain!

I used the following ingredients for the fillings

Salmon and cream cheese

Red ready to roll icing – rolled flat and cut into squares
Whipped cream
Strawberry jam used as cement

Egg and watercress

Green ready to roll icing – cut into little chunks
Whipped cream

Cheese and tomato

Golden marzipan – rolled flat and cut into squares
Red ready to roll icing – rolled flat and shaped into discs.
Jam used as cement

Once the cake had cooled I cut it into squares, and then lengthways across to form triangles, like a proper tea party sandwich. I then cut them horizontally across as the cake I made was quite chunky. I then filled them each with the different fillings, using jam to secure the icing and marzipan in place. Et voila! Little cakes made to look like proper English finger sandwiches.

Maybe just make sure you mark out your savoury and sweet items at a party. They do actually look quite realistic. I’m going to serve them with some savoury snacks and M&S Mojito Fizz tomorrow night before heading out with some friends to the London Zoo Late. I just hope the weather holds.

Entered into Homemade by Fleur’s Blogging Baking Jubilee Competition.

And thanks again Ros from the More Than Occasional Baker for the inspiration.

(Photos taken from her blog)