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Another month means another AlphaBakes. Boy am I getting into this?! This isn’t going to help eight week countdown to my holiday. Oh dear.

So the letter chosen by Caroline at Caroline Makes is ‘H’ for May. Honey, hazelnuts and herbs were just some of the ingredients that immediately popped into my head, but none of them seemed just right. You know when you get it into your head that you what something specific to eat, but you just can’t for the life in you work out what it is you actually crave? Well that was like this month’s AlphaBakes.

A couple of days in and I’d unearthed the Hummingbird cake, which I’d never heard of before, and flirted with the idea of a hot chocolate soufflé. But a Hummingbird cake definitely does not adhere to the Credit Munched philosophy – mangoes, bananas, passion fruit, pineapple, pecans, soft cheese? Too many ingredients to be bought outright thank you very much. And a hot chocolate soufflé – probably not the best forum for attempting soufflés for the first time. Who knows what would happen.

But then, a moment of striking inspiration from the biscuit aisle.

Hob nobs.

They’re the greatest of all the biscuits. And just when you think they couldn’t get any better, McVities smoothers them in chocolate and lo, the chocolate hob nob is born. Plus I had some oats left over from a previous month’s entry – maple syrup flapjacks. I found a recipe for 45 biscuits and got cracking.

As always, my poor attempt at a photo on my camera phone doesn’t do them justice. Although I didn’t quite get 45 biscuits out of them mix, there were more than enough to keep me going this week.