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Good news on the chilli baby front – they’ve just started to sprout in the last couple of days. I was starting to get worried that there was a distinct lack of life, but suddenly, out of nowhere, a few little stalks have started to emerge. It’s going to be a while before they’re edible though. The coriander and basil plants are looking good though, with the basil seeming to be the hardier of the two. You may see an increased slant towards Italian cooking rather than Asian food in the coming months if I lose control of this operation and the coriander perishes.

Even though I remain chilli-less, that’s not going to stop me eating some tasty spicy food. The last couple of posts may lead you to believe I put chillies with every meal. Not quite, but if there’s an opportunity for a bit of heat, most often or not I’ll take it. Following my Thai soup adventure, I had some lime and birdseye chillies just begging to be eaten and for the sake of variety, I decided to put them to use in a Mexican meal. I struggle with what to order when it comes to eating out at a Mexican restaurant. The outstanding range of flavours means I am equally happy tucking into a bean fajita, a beef burrito or a plate full of nachos. Which is why I loved Wahaca so much – the concept of a Mexican tapas dining experience is perfect. Ordering five to six small plates meant I could sample a bit of everything without the fear of the dreaded food envy.

Because I quite often make enough food for two or three portions for time and money saving reasons, Mexican tapas works well. For the same amount of effort it takes to make one meal, I get four little plates that taste delicious without running the risk of boredom by leftovers.

Mexican lime chicken

Chorizo quesadillas

Black beans