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A few weeks ago at work we received a press release for Eat 17’s launch of bacon jam. That’s right. Bacon jam, people. Naturally we were incredibly excited about this invention. Actually, that’s an extreme understatement. In reality, after discovering this phenomenon we spent the next hour talking about other amazing sounding bacon products – bacon vodkaBaconnaisebacon peanut brittles and the weirdest of all, Diet Coke with bacon.

But in reality, at £14.40 for four jars, bacon jam is not cheap. Cue Martha Stewart. As soon as I discovered her version after a quick Google, I knew it had to be done. Not only does it sound like the tastiest thing in the whole world, but since I harbour a secret desire to one day open a chutney based sandwich shop, I thought it was high time I got cracking on some recipes. I made some slight changes – namely fiddling around with the quantities because I don’t own a slow cooker (yet!) and using smoked bacon for a deeper flavour.

Another venture for the day was homemade Scotch eggs. Loads of Gastro pubs these days go in for gourmet versions, and they put any shop bought Scotch eggs to shame. I don’t know why the idea to make my own from scratch to go alongside bacon jam popped into my head, but looking back, it was a moment of pure inspiration.


A brilliant combination and both surprisingly cheap to make. Using Tesco’s finest ingredients (read, cheapest) the jam came in at around £2 for a massive jar. I ate a lot of it in the first couple of days, and it’s now happily sitting in an airtight container perfect for another four weeks (at least!). I plan to use it to top some homemade burgers at the weekend. Yum.

Four super-sized Scotch eggs totalled about £1.50 –  when you consider that two measley Scotch eggs come in at 85p, this is a real winner. Plus they were so huge, just one of them with some salad was perfect for lunch.

So enjoy the recipes below!

Bacon jam

Scotch eggs