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Moving on from my reviews of both chain restaurants and independent restaurants in London, I decided to visit the infamous Wahaca. Quite unusually, I had yet to hear a bad word said against the chain by any medium. Their website gives a rundown of their consistent recognition via awards, while a quick Google leaves me struggling to find a review website that gives it under four stars. That, my friends, is no mean feat for these internet-driven, Yelp-dominated days we live in.

But this isn’t a review for Wahaca. Oh no. Although I would advise people to go out immediately and order one glass of Citrus Fizz (or a virgin Mojito if you will), a pork pibil, a black bean tostadas and a chicken chipotle quesadilla. I don’t know whether you’d be happier you’re stuffed full to the brim, or that your bill came to less than £13.50.

Anyway, back to my point. As part of Wahaca’s ethos regarding sustainable eating – for which they have already won an award this year – they give out free packs of chilli seeds so people can take part growing their own crop. Last year I had actually tried my hand at growing something from scratch and found myself temporarily the proud parent of William and Kate, two lily babies I hand reared. That is until a slightly overenthusiastic inspection of their budding flowers lead me to accidentally karate chop them and they promptly died without ever blooming. Only in Wahaca the other week did I feel ready to once again take on the burden of parenthood, and with the promise of actually being able to eat my plants at the end? Well heck, I couldn’t resist.

I planted my chilli seeds as per the helpful packet instructions on April 17th after a swift shop around Poundland for some pots and compost. Naturally, my imagination had already run away with me over the course of the day and I was already envisaging great things from my plants. So much so that I also bought a basil and coriander plant to build on my repertoire. On a serious note though, I do try to come up with some helpful suggestions on how my recipes could be further improved and I often find that the simple answer is fresh herbs and spices. They make so much difference to a meal, yet cost a blinking fortune, especially when I can never seem to get through them in time to make it seem worthwhile. Planted my own herbs seems like a fool proof solution.

Anyway those of you who follow me on Twitter (everyone, give me a quick follow via the sidebar to the right – you won’t regret it!) will have seen my proud picture from the morning of the 18th signalling that they made it through their first night. Admittedly, little else has happened yet so far. But I will keep you all posted and hopefully my recipes in the future will contain some of my hard earned efforts in the future.