The age old game of ‘Chocolate or cheese?’ will always see me choose a chunk of brie over a slab of Galaxy. I love my savory food, and nothing compares to a huge bowl of pasta to sate a hearty appetite. But there are certain cravings that no amount of bread or chicken will satisfy. Sometimes you just need something sweet and sugary and there’s no two ways about it.

I love a bit of baking and when Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker and Caroline from Caroline Makes set up the Alphabakes Challenge I decided to dust off my scales and sieve and get cooking. But first, a couple of my other favourite bakes.

Is there anything better than bread and butter pudding? Not only is it a quintessentially English dessert, but it actually calls for stale bread. There’s nothing worse than buying a loaf and then finding you don’t have time to eat it before it goes off. Sure, you could whack it in the freezer, or you could whip up this tasty treat. This recipe was once – many moons ago – a Delia Smith recipe for chocolate bread and butter pudding but it was way too sickly. Instead I kept a traditional slant to it, but add dark chocolate chips to add an extra oomph.

Chocolate bread and butter pudding

Next comes this cool little recipe for lemon biscuits. I’m a massive fan of anything citrusy, but this works well because it’s easy to adapt to other flavours as well. I’ve done chocolate and ginger variations, plus I imagine just a plain vanilla would work too. This recipe is for a huge batch by the way, so be prepared to halve the ingredients, or get munching.

Lemon biscuits

And lastly comes by Alphabakes entry. This month the host, Caroline Makes, randomly selected the letter ‘M’ for the challenge. Bit of an easy one for me really, because I’ve long been perfecting the art of flapjacks. Immediately that letter pushed me to try using maple syrup – a twist on the regular syrup I’d been considering for a while (and by while, I mean since I tried some of these Nature Valley bars and realised the true yummy potential of maple syrup). These are for chewy flapjacks, because in my humble opinion they’re the best type.

Maple syrup flapjacks

So as always, enjoy!