A morning spent at Borough Market on Saturday gave me a whole new appreciation for the humble sandwich. It was only 11.15am, but I was already salivating as the smell of kangaroo burgers and raclette toasties wafted from stall to stall. By 11.45am, I was chowing down on a bbq pulled pork sub with coleslaw. It was one of my greatest decisions of 2012 so far.

Now Borough Market isn’t cheap, I’ll admit that. I spent much more money than I usually would on comparable products at the supermarket, but as I said in my previous blogs, it’s important to treat yourself ever now and again. So after a weekend of decadence, my mind turned back to cheap eats to get me through the week.

Sandwiches – simply one of the greatest inventions known to man. You don’t have to go far in the food community to find a cult following. Serious Eats has a daily sandwich blog with pictures so divine it literally wants me to buy a plane ticket to the USA immediately. This side of the pond, the London Review of Sandwiches is a sturdy round up of all the breads and fillings London has to offer. While Empire online does a fantastic summary of Hollywood’s favourite sandwich.

And that is the beauty of the sarnie. It can be anything you want it to be and it caters for any budget. Plus it is an easy way to club together any last bits of salad, meat and condiments at the end of the week within two slices of bread. Anything to keep yourself from resorting to the ominous sounding toast sandwich. Buttered toast in bread? This is a clear example of when cheap eats goes too far. Yes, I just said that. Remember, I’m all about about making delicious food on a budget, not just eating to survive.

With that in mind, have a look at some of my favourite sandwich combinations. I’ve tried to include as many variations on the theme as possible to appeal and inspire to every taste. Enjoy!

Maybe not for those on a diet, but my bacon and avocado bagel is too tasty to pass on.

Tired of bread? Try this falafel wrap instead.

Take a protein hit with this salmon and egg flatbread.

Have another chance to take a look at some of the M&S Terribly Clever range when you try this coronation chicken baguette.

Strictly not a sandwich, but what the heck. These creamy mushrooms on toast will satisfy rumbling stomachs.