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I love M&S food. Ever since Dervla Kirwan seductively voiced over slow motion close-ups of succulent char-grilled tuna steak and gooey chocolate puddings, I was hooked. Although it has often been associated with high-end products (and will sadly never be a place that I could afford to do my weekly shopping), there are some surprisingly good value, one-off items that can really vamp up a meal.

In particular, the Terribly Clever range has caught my attention recently. Marketed as innovative products that help create fantastic dishes, the aim is to cut down on the number of ingredients and the time needed to make a meal from scratch, while still creating an amazing end result. And I absolutely love some of them. Not only do they make putting together a meal so incredibly easy, some of them are also excellent value for money.

So here are a couple of recommendations from the range. All recipes serve one, unless stated otherwise. Prices for the jars or paste range from approximately 99p to £2.50.

Coronation chicken baguette

Fire roasted tomato sausage

However, M&S have thrown a few clangers in there as well, especially in the dessert range. Whilst the Pot au Chocolat and the Lemon Mousse may seem like a great idea, when it comes down to it, are these really that difficult and time consuming to put together? And do they warrant the £1.99+ price tag for the base to which you add just cream? Instead, have a look at my fool-proof desserts for a half the price. Each serves six.

White chocolate mousse

Lemon posset

For more information and to browse the full range of products, check out the M&S food blog.