I have two main trends that govern my life – cooking a delicious dinner then devouring it, and making my meagre wage last the month. This is why I have set up Credit Munched; to share recipes that have served me well and handy tips I have acquired over time.

Although I’ve never exactly been rolling in money, my move to London last year saw me tightening my purse strings on a whole new level. Originally from Yorkshire, of course I suffer from naturally frugal tendencies, but with the added handicap of experiencing a cheaper way of living for the majority of my life. So, imagine my shock at moving to a place where my £580 rent a month (without bills) is considered reasonable for the area I live in and a small glass of wine can often set me back a fiver.

But I’m no longer a student and I’m damned determined not to live like one. My friends may laugh at my penny pinching ways, but if just taking a packed lunch to work saves me £4 a day or £80 a month, well then it’s worth it to me. However, it’s not about simply slapping some Tesco value ham between slices of Tesco value bread. I’m sure most people would go mad on a diet like that after a couple of weeks, let alone someone who loves their grub as much as I do. I spend a lot of my time shopping around at different supermarkets, while inventing or borrowing recipes to ensure I get a tasty variety of food in my life.

Far from a daily chore, cooking has become a real a passion of mine. Hopefully this blog will allow me to show off previous successes and charter future endeavours, while proving that good food really can be created on a shoestring budget.