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Making lunch fun

Making lunch for the next day is a massive hurdle to get over on an evening. Coming home from work and summoning the energy to cook dinner can be a feat in itself. The temptation to leave it until the morning can be seducing, while the thought of grabbing something from the canteen or a local shop can become all-consuming once the idea springs to mind.

Now, I don’t know about everyone, but our work café can set you back nearly £4 for a curry and some rice or £3.50 for a panini. And it can be very hit or miss. Then add on top the yoghurt or chocolate bar I’m bound to buy to fill that remaining hole the meal failed to plug, and suddenly I’ve spent a small fortune on a mediocre meal. Or I could take a trip to Tesco and spend a reasonable £2.50 on a meal deal, where the sushi gives me the hiccups because it’s impossible to swallow.

The solution? Appetising meals that are quick to make and don’t break the bank. So here are a few simple ideas which do just that; taking only ten minutes to rustle up they all taste delicious. Each recipes serves one person.

Gourmet pasta and pesto

Couscous salad 

Mackerel pate

Falafel wrap

Creamy bacon and mushroom pasta